Tinnitus Peace

This is a very personal story for me because my own tinnitus affected my quality of life dramatically, to say the least. My old happy-go-lucky self was no more. The noise I heard took all my time and attention, and it took over a year until I discovered there were sounds that more or less masked my tinnitus.

I had previously used hearing aids with white noise, and that would help me for a couple of days. But after a few days, the white noise started to become as frustrating as the tinnitus. It was not until I started to listen to natural background sounds that my brain could finally relax and stop treating the sounds as a threat. I literally felt the peace coming back into my brain and body, and these sounds have helped me to such a degree that tinnitus is no longer an issue in my life. I'm happy to say my old happy-go-lucky self is back again, and this is something people close to me have definitely noticed. These sounds have been tremendously helpful in this process. To me, the sounds feel like medicine, or sort of "glasses for my ears.”


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posted on September 5th 2014 in Tinnitus Hjälp with 0 Comments

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